Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote has revealed in a conversation with Mo Ibrahim at the Ibrahim Governance weekend which took place in Abidjan over the weekend that, the government does not allow him to bring in his cement to sell.

Aliko Dangote expressed worry over the situation, saying that the country choses to export its cement from China rather.

“The Republic of Benin does not allow us to take our cement into Benin Republic but they import from China”–Dangote shockingly revealed.

Asked by the host, why that is the case, Dangote says he does not even know why, unless the president of the country is asked.

He added that it was not an issue of pricing but not been allowed to even enter the country with his cement although Nigeria shares a border with Benin and has one of his factories not far away from Benin.

Although Benin is a member of ECOWAS and has agreed to policies of ECOWAS that states that member states should be allowed to trade freely without restrictions, its obvious implementation has become an issue.

Watch that part of the discussion in the video below and share your thoughts on it.

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