King Shatta Wale is expected to drop his second album, ‘Reign’ on 13th October 2018 at the Fantasy Dome, Trade fair and there’s been a lot of hype from his fans right from when a date was announced.

We’ve seen Shatta Wale selling customised Reign Album clothing, with fans making their own varied designs to support their artiste. It’s without a doubt that, Shatta Wale has the biggest fan base in Ghana and the most loyal as well, a reason why he continues to ‘Reign’ regardless of the negative impressions people have about him.

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The dancehall artiste shared pictures of a special version of his Reign album that has been loaded in a ‘Reign’ album pen drive and it comes with his signature on it but in limited edition.

According to a post, Shatta Wale made his specially packaged reign album as you see in the pictures below will be auctioned and those who win, will have it–So go there with your big purse if you really want this one.

He posted:

Interested in owning a copy of the specially packaged and autographed Reign Album? Be at the Fantasy Dome on Saturday 13th October 2018 and show your LEVEL by participating in the auction of the limited copies! #Thereign #Zylofon

The SM(shatta movement) Boss who never ceases to amaze his fans and the general public has once again wowed the public which has got  everyone talking about him again.Wale has undeniable gotten attention and a lot of people talking about him, both locally and international. He has  once again set the record straight by making his colleagues in the industry know who the boss is.

We wish him well  coming Saturday cause we hear the tickets are even scare….who can hate this man…he knows what he is about.

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