In the year 2024 or let’s say 2028, we are likely to have John Dumelo as president of Ghana as he’s shown strong interests in leading the country someday if Ghanaians would vote for him and at his white wedding to his wife, Gifty, he echoed his interest in leading the country someday!

And when that happens, John would want his dear wife, Gifty to be by his side–Wouldn’t that be interesting? Like Gifty as our first lady in 2028.. Awwww, I certainly can’t wait for that moment.

So John Dumelo had his white wedding at the Royal Senchi yesterday, May 11th, 2019 and it was attended by close friends and relatives only and when it got to to the point they had to exchange vows as a couple, everyone present got emotional.


Gifty Nkornu vowed to be there for John Dumelo when he needs her through rain or shine. Her vow was so touching but we couldn’t stop blushing when she said: “You know what, long and short, I love you baby”. (For a moment, I wished I was John Dumelo)

John Dumleo and wife

John Dumelo in responding said “I want us to spend our lives together and I hope and pray that, one day when I get to lead Ghana, you will be by my side”

Isn’t that romantic? I am certainly going to vote for John Dumelo if he stands for President just to see Gifty by his side—It would be a nice movie right?

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